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I write about becoming a wiser woman and matriarch in spite of our cultural obsession with conformity and and the pressure to live, look and perform like men.

I homeschool my three children in our homestead and share insights from our daily life because God uses animals and nature to teach me more about His character and His design for us humans during our time here on earth.

I’m not for everybody.

If you like Biblical musings, farming, nature, permission to be a woman and ideas about how to become a wiser matriarch, I may be for you.

I post when the inspiration flows.

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Be part of a community of people who share your values, worries, struggles, but who also have wisdom to share and a desire to re-discover their God-ordained feminine purpose and strength.

Conversations of womanhood, medicine, mindset, faith, plants, nature, mothering, feminine strength, homesteading and life are encouraged.

Part of being a women of wisdom and matriarch is protecting our energy and being judicious in our work by setting boundaries around time and energy.

My children and my husband are my priorities.
Sometimes I will be able to offer more content here, because my family needs me less and I feel nourished by content creation.
Sometimes I will offer less because I need to give more emotional energy and time to my family, spend more time in prayer and resting which means I have less for content creation.
And I can say for certain, that depending on where I am in my moon cycle the content may FLOW like crazy or I may be a little more quiet.
I trust that my content creation and dispersion will sync up nicely with the needs of this community, because God is in control and He designed my feminine body to operate this way.

I hope you understand and can respect these boundaries.
I hope even more that you feel permission and excitement to set your own in your life and work!

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